Our achievements

Check out below the different projects and achievements that we have successfully completed on behalf of our partners in recent years.

Before 2014
  • LEVANTINA INGENIERIA: Transport of concrete beams 36m length 45 T to Annaba. 
  • ASTALDI: Transport of concrete beams 33m length 60 T.
  • GREAT WEST REFINERY: Transportation of New Sugar Plant.
  • SONATRACH: Bulky Cargo Transport (11m x 6.6m x 6.7m 70t) from Arzew to BRN.
  • GEODIS: Terga Power Plant Project, Relizane and Oran.
  • SPA BONATI: Transport of Gas Turbines 120 T.
  • KOUGC: Transport of 15 000 T of Pipe.
  • SAMSUNG C&T: Mostaganem Power Plant Project Cranes rental (80,113,200,250 T).
  • SOTRAMO: Crawler Crane rental 150T Bethioua.
  •  COSIDER: Crane rental 80T Mostaganem.
  • BORUSAN LOGISTIC: Project Transport 150 000 T of Pipe from Mostaganem to Tiaret.
  • FMI ALGERIA: Transport of Pipe from Mostaganem to Arzew.
  • GLOB TAINER: Transport of several Mobiles Transformers from 60T to 120T to different states: Bechar, Tindouf, BBM, Oran, Sidi-Bel-Abbes.
  • MAPA INSAAT VE TICAR: Transport of several machines of 100 T.
  • SARL S.E.R.G.E.C: Transport of beams from 45T to 100 T towards El Bayadh.
  • SARL FAGIOLI ALG: Transport of Turbine 80 T from Skikda to  Hassi-Berkine.
  • SONATRACH: Transport of several packages from 140 T to 160 T towards Bir Sbaa.
  • SAMSUNG C&T: Transport of concretes blocks 35T.
  • YAPI: Tramway project Sidi-Bel-Abbès.
  • HASNAOUI: Crane rental 200 T for assembly / disassembly tower crane.
  • TEIXEIRA: Crane rental 113T & 200T.
  • TOSYALI: Rent of different Cranes from 25T to 250T.
    • Transport of several transformers mobiles 136 T to Ghardaia, Laghouat, Constantine, and Relizane.
    • Transport of several columns of length 38, 34, 32, 30m 70 T from Jijel to Bellara steel complex.
    • Biskria Cement plant: Transport of a cement equipment 14m x 5.49m x 5.49m. 
  • GO FAST: Transport of a mobile generator 13m x 3.5m x 4.7m 70 T.
  • Naama Power Plant Project Transport of bulky cargo:
    • 30m x 4,73m x 1,20m 60 T.
    • 24m x 6,22m x 1m 60 T.
    • 26m x 3,30m x 3,80m 45 T.
  • TBH: Transport of a package  20m x 5.70 x 5.70 from Mostaganem to BRN.
  • CHLEF CEMENT PLANT: Transport of a cement equipment 15m x 6.4m x 6.4m of 80 T.
  • ZAHANA CEMENT PLANT: Transport of several cement equipment to Zahana.
  • AIN BAIDA CEMENT PLANT: Transport of a cement equipment 14m x 6.5m x 6.5m 80 T from Jijel.
  • MEDITRAM: Crane rental 150 T Algiers.
  • LIEBHERR: Crane rental 150 T.
  • EIFFAGE ENERGIE: Crane rental 50 T Saida.
  • LAFARGE: Crane rental 200T.


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Mostaganem Algeria
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